The CYC Club

EXPECTATIONS OF SWIMMERS, PARENTS, COACHES: POLICIES AND RULES The Child and Youth Club is a non-profit organization that raises its annual budget by fund raising activities. The Child and Youth Club philosophy reads: “To promote, educate and celebrate Child and Youth Work through regularly scheduled meetings, events, and events.” 1 Expectations of Child and Youth Care Members 1.1 To obey all rules and regulations of the club. 1.2 To be on time for meetings and events 1.3 To be encouraged to participate as a team during meetings and events 1.4 To notify the Present or Vice President if you have any new ideas. 1.5 To attend meetings if they intend to participate in the Child and Youth Care Club. 1.6 To participate in fund raising activities when the occasion arises. 1.7 To encourage Social Services Programs to participate in the Child and Youth Club. 1.8 To allow Child and Youth care members to constructively critique and compliment one another’s ideas 2 Expectations of President and Vice President 2.1 To follow the directives of the Club executives. 2.2 To have a training program outline. 2.3 To carry out the program or arrange for a competent and qualified substitute. 2.4 To communicate with the Student Federation with any comments or complaints. 2.5 To encourage full participation in practices and meets. 2.6 To attend Child and Youth Club meetings. 2.7 To communicate and organize club ideas and future events. 2.8 To take responsibility actions of club members. 3 Rules 3.1 Negative feedback towards another member will put member’s membership into a possible suspension state. 3.2 Each member is encouraged to following instructions given by administration. Members are encouraged to follow along with meetings and ensure they aren’t fooling around. 3.3 Members are urged to be prepared by bringing appropriate materials to each membership meeting. 3.4 Child and Youth Club complaints or questions may be taken up with either the President or Vice President. 3.5 Members are responsible for cleaning up after their own events, as well as ensure their meeting work area is clean upon leaving meeting.

Club President's Name: 
Garry Halley
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Club Secretary Full Name: 
Nunzia Antonella
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Club Vice President Name: 
Helen Hebbert
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Faculty Advisor Name: 
Justin Boudreau
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