Our Services

From helping students with their taxes, to different curated membership perks, SSF offers a variety of services across all campuses.
  • Burger

    Metro Grill

    Our menu includes: burgers, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, chicken and veggie burgers, BLT's and more. Metro Grill also serves Halal food options

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  • Tax Clinic Image

    Tax Clinic

    The objective of the clinic is to assist our students who do not know how to prepare their tax and benefit returns.

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  • Food Bank

    Food Bank

    Hunger shouldn't be an option. Skipping dinner, eating less, giving up on food in order to pay rent shouldn't be an option, but unfortunately it is for some people.

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  • Student Development Grant

    Student Development Grant

    A joint project of the Seneca Student Federation Incorporated, Student Services, Alumni and the Academic Schools, the Student Development Grant is a new and unique initiative at Seneca.

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