E-sports Coach

Part Time - Start February 13

The SSF Esports Program provides an opportunity for students to get involved and encourages community, competition, and career skill building through its various programs and services. SSF Esports is dedicated to develop a necessary environment for Seneca students to put their skills to the test at the Collegiate level by participating in various tournaments and leagues. The job responsibilities of the Esports Coach for SSF Esports will include but not limited to providing recruitment, roster building, team oversight, and developing student skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working along side the Esports Administrator, the Coach helps manage all parts of the program
  • Train, educate and mentor student athletes during practices and tournaments
  • Help to recruit and maintain a sufficient size of roster to participate in tournaments and leagues
  • Work with team managers to create and schedule team practices and league games
  • Conduct Vod-reviews, team bonding exercises, opponent analysis etc. for the team
  • Work with Esports team to coordinate community outreach and promotional content creation for the organization
  • Ensure that all the team operations are abiding by the league/tournament rules at all times
  • Carry out all responsibilities and duties assigned by SSF management or SSF Esports Administrator
  • Represent the College and SSF Esports at different events.


  • Strong communications and organizational skills
  • Must be a full-time student in Fall 2022 semester
  • Must have past-experience in competitive Esports
  • Must have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the games coaching for
  • Must be able to demonstrate ability to work with the team and inspire teamwork
  • Must have knowledge of gaming/Esports software.


  • Must be enrolled in a full-time Seneca College program
  • Must reside in Ontario
  • Must have a valid Social Insurance Number
  • Must have an account with a Canadian bank

Essential Employability Skills

  • Superior written and oral communications in order to ensure transparent, effective, and timely communication
  • Interact with others in groups or teams in ways that contribute to effective working relationships and the achievement of goals
  • Use critical thinking skills to anticipate and solve problems
  • Interact with others in groups or teams to support effective coordination and contribute to effective working relationships and common goals
  • Responsibly and effectively manage the use of time and other resources to complete projects
  • Analyze the impact of cultural and experiential differences on organizational objectives, operations, and practices
  • Develop strategies to build positive personal and professional, group and network relationships.
  • Analyze issues, risks, and limitations, and collaborate with diverse groups and interests to reach consensus and create opportunities
  • Understand the importance of supporting integrative diversity, inclusive groups and effective communication from an operational and manager’s perspective
  • Develop proficiency in understanding and implementing effective strategies in communication,management, negotiation, and operations
  • Take responsibility for one's actions, decisions, and consequences.

Deadline to apply for this position is February 5 at 5:00pm
Only successful candidates will be invited for an interview.

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