Message from President

To all new and returning students, welcome to the Fall 2020 semester!

My name is Krisha Amin and I am your Seneca Student Federation President.  The Seneca Student Federation is really excited to begin this new and unique academic year, and I am honoured and looking forward to serving you all.  

The SSF’s first and foremost priority is the safety of students and with the current COVID-19 situation, we will be working differently, but we will still be available to you virtually and hopefully, able to contribute to your positive student life experience at Seneca. We recognize your concerns and needs during these challenging times, which is why we are committed to listening to all concerns and issues students may be facing. Behind the scenes, the SSF is working hard on various initiatives to represent your needs and requests by bringing them forward to various college committees and executive teams to ensure that your voice is heard.

As a full time student enrolled with Seneca, you will be eligible to the following SSF services, which includes: health and dental insurance for domestic students; RealCampus support which is extended to all students during these difficult times; and student advocacy, to name a few. As you know, the Seneca Student Federation is your student government and consists of student leaders who, just like you, are full time students and are committed to uphold the mandate of the Seneca Student Federation.  The SSF also encourages all students to familiarize themselves with Seneca’s Academic Polices and we strongly support and encourage the values associated with these polices.

We recognize the importance of the meal support program during these difficult times, hence we have enhanced and increased the meal support program, including the virtual food-bank program, to help more students in need. As a full time student, you are eligible to apply for the virtual food bank program by visiting

At the SSF, we understand the importance of student clubs and the impact they have to the student life experience.  We have been working over the summer to create a virtual platform, which will be available to you in the fall semester. There, you will be able to create and join clubs. So stay tuned and stay updated.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of students in many ways and has brought financial hardship to many.  The SSF understands, cares, and is proud to announce the COVID-19 Relief Bursary, which will be available to eligible students in the fall 2020 semester.  In addition, the SSF funds many leadership awards and bursaries which eligible students can apply for when applications open.  

We have many exciting events and activities planned for you during the fall semester. Some of the events and activities include Frosh Week, professional development training, networking events and much more. Be informed and get involved by visiting our website and follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - @senecassf) for more information on up-coming employment and volunteer opportunities.

The whole SSF team is very excited in meeting you, for now virtually, but we cannot wait to see you on campus once this is all over and we wish you all the very best.  

Thank you very much, stay safe and stay tuned.  


Yours sincerely,

Krisha Nikul Amin
Seneca Student Federation