A message from the President


Hello Seneca Students, 

As the summer term has begun, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new and returning students. I hope you have all settled in and are enjoying your classes, the warmer weather, and I hope you’ll take advantage of the many activities we have planned for you over the summer.

The Seneca Student Federation (SSF) has been busy organizing programming we hope you will enjoy, keeping Seneca’s diverse student population and needs in mind. Activities being planned for the summer include Canada Day celebrations, a trip to Canada’s Wonderland, a boat cruise and much, much more. Check out the Events Calendar on the SSF website to see what’s going on at your campus. 

While the summer is usually for taking it easy, the SSF is doing the opposite as we gear up for an exciting fall term and orientation activities. More information on what you can expect is still to come. Again this year, we will be hosting our annual Niagara Falls trip and boat cruise. Tickets will go on sale in September. Buy your tickets as soon as you can, since these events are known to sell out fast! 

Behind the scenes, SSF members have been attending various committee meetings at Seneca. Student representation at these meetings ensures that your voice is heard when decisions are being made to affect all of us. Based on some very productive meetings, great changes have been made to the Academic Integrity Policy, the Academic Appeals Policy and procedures. As well, and in co-operation with the Learning Centre, the SSF introduced the Passport to Academic Success, inviting students to a series of workshops and online tutorials. Once the Passport has been completed and signed by the instructor, students can claim a prize at their local SSF office. Workshops include Plagiarism & Citation, Study Skills & Time Management, Paraphrasing & Summarizing, Essay Writing and an online tutorial on Library Services and Academic Integrity. And, that’s not all! Check out the newly introduced Academic Integrity App, and don’t forget the Student Development Grant (SDG), which helps fund student participation in program-related conferences, humanitarian projects and more. It helps to make learning outside the classroom more affordable. Check out the SDG policies, procedures and application forms on www.ssfinc.ca. 

The SSF continues to strive to make student life better, primarily through advocating for student rights. Whenever in doubt on where to go, whether it’s your academics, co-curricular, or student life concerns, never hesitate to reach out to us. I urge you to take advantage of the SSF as a resource during your time at Seneca. 

As I enter my second term of office, I am excited to serve you, to the best of my ability, and in any way possible. Feel free to drop by my office at Newnham Campus (F1525) or contact me through email. I will be visiting all campuses on a regular basis. 

I wish you good luck and a great summer! 


Charanpreet Singh Deu
President, SSF Student Federation Inc.
[email protected]