Message from President

To all new and returning students, welcome to the Summer 2021 semester!

Hello everyone, and heartiest congratulations to each one of you for your journey at one of the finest colleges in Ontario! My name is Ritik Sharma and I am your Seneca Student Federation President for 2021/2022, and I welcome all of you to the summer 2021 semester. The Seneca Student Federation is genuinely exhilarated to begin this new term with you and I am proud to serve each and every one of you. The SSF is your student government body which is comprised of full time students, who are here to support and work for you. 

This year, the SSF will be working closely with the college to ensure the student voice, your voice, is heard through our participation and involvement in various college committees. The SSF will also ensure students are familiar with Seneca’s Academic Policies to uphold and advance the integrity of the student population, and the institution itself. Last year, along with the college, the SSF worked to provide emergency financial assistance as well as helped more than 7,000 students through the COVID-19 Relief Fund. While we all hope that better days are ahead, the SSF will stay committed in providing students with the support and services they need. 

As a full-time student, you are automatically a member of the SSF, which allows you to be part of many SSF initiatives and services, such as the: SSF clubs, tax clinic, membership perks, student development grant, SSF Cares program, shuttle bus service, and the health and dental plan (domestic students only). The SSF will be improving the virtual Food Bank program to support many more students. In the fall 2020 and winter 2021 semesters, more than 3,500 students received food support through the SSF’s Virtual Food Bank program. The Seneca Student Federation understands the significance of student clubs and the benefit they have on the student experience.  If you are interested in creating or joining a club, visit the SSF website where you will find information. This past year, the SSF collaborated with Seneca’s Career Development department to offer academic club members the opportunity to network and assist with career searches. 

As we all look towards the future, and marketable skills upon graduation, the SSF will continue to offer many personal development training opportunities, including food handling certificate training, Smart Serve, Security Training and CPR certification and more. We also understand that students are looking for opportunities to have fun. Because of this, we will also be offering virtual events and contests throughout the year. Visit our events calendar to stay up to date with upcoming events.

As we enter the SSF’s 2021/2022 school year, I am excited to tell you we have an enthusiastic team who are developing new initiatives. We’ll be gathering your input through a variety of different avenues, including surveys, so watch out for those! 

On behalf of the entire SSF team, we are excited to serve you, for now virtually, but hopefully in the not too distant future, in person.  We wish you all the absolute best in 2021/2022.

Thanks very much, stay safe and stay connected.

Ritik Sharma
Seneca Student Federation