Student Development Grant

A project of the Seneca Student Federation Incorporated that has been established to help reduce the financial burden, within reason, of those students attending professional development opportunities beyond the college.

Seneca’s Student Development Grant is awarded to students to support learning development outside the classroom. This can take many forms including attending a career, industry or association-related conference, seminar, workshop or presentation or other type of activity or event.

Please read the policy for eligibility, timing and other requirements. Complete the Student Application Form and email it to [email protected] If you are a faculty or staff member and want to apply for funding for students for a particular event before promoting it, read the policy and then fill out the form "Application for Event."

Check our past opportunities to see the types of event approved.

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For more information visit your local Student Services and Seneca Student Federation offices at your campus or call 416.491.5050 and one of the extensions listed below.
email: [email protected]

Campus Office Extension
King Room MH1500 ext. 55083
Newnham Room F1525 ext. 22980
[email protected] Room S2014 ext. 33427