Security Guard Training

This course will be offered from Security Guard Course Inc, Ontario's leader in online training provide for the private security and investigations industry. Once registration is complete and payment is made, you will be contacted by Security Guard Course Inc for further instructions.

Please note that this training is not enough to obtain a security license. In addition, you will need to complete a CPR and AED training. Once all three components are completed, you may apply for licensing with the ministry. We will be offering a CPR training at a discounted price. After registration closes, we will be processing all the files. The week after the closing of registration you will receive an email with the invoice. Once all the invoices are paid, you will be contacted by the Security Guard company in order to proceed with the course. This process, from registration to starting the course, might take up to three weeks.

Price: 50$/students - Please note that you need to be a full-time student during the Fall 2021 semester in order to be able to purchase this training.

Registration will be available from December 13 at 9am to December 17 at 5pm.


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