Newnham Council Members

The Seneca Student Federation is made up of elected student council representatives who serve a one-year term of office.

SSF positions at each of the four campuses (King, Markham, Newnham and [email protected]) include a Vice President and three Coordinators. There is also a full time SSF President who oversees the operations at all campuses

  • Charan Deo
    Charan Deo
    Tel:(416) 491-5050 #22989
  • Juan
    Juan Mendoza
    Tel:(416) 491-5050 #22983
  • Nicole Lentini
    Nicole Lentini
    Vice President
    Tel:(416) 491-5050 #22984
  • Rutvik Soni
    Rutvik Soni
    Tel:(416) 491-5050 #22985
  • Maria Camila Rojas
    Maria Camila Rojas
    Tel:(416) 491-5050 #22987