Vice President


Office Hours:

Monday: 8am - 11am & 3pm - 6pm
Tuesday: 12pm - 6pm
Thursday: 8am - 4pm

Q: What are some of your goals for your role this term?

A: My goal for this term is to try my best to engage and help students transition back to campus and online. I will try me best to become an advocate for the student from York campus. 

Q: What program are you in, and why did you choose this program at Seneca?

A: I am currently in my 2nd year of the Graphic Design program at the York campus. I chose to go to Seneca because they have a great art program that fit my interest at the time. After my stay here, I'm genuinely glad that I chose Seneca because I get to meet all the wonderful people who have been influential in my learning and growing process.

Q: What are the top three places you would like to travel to once the pandemic is over?

  1. Vietnam, I would like to visit my home country because I miss the people and food there.
  2. An island. Any island far away from the big city life :)
  3. Banff. Because it's on my bucket list, and I'm a lake/Ocean person.

Q: Tee's Favourites

  • Yellow is my favorite color because it carries a good vibe with it. Also, if you pair it with orange, you'll get hungry faster.
  • Memes
  • Museums
  • Furniture 
  • Beautifully designed dishware and cutlery 
  • Food (I haven't found a cuisine that I don't like yet)