Office Hours:

Monday: 9am to 1pm
Wednesday: 9am to 1pm
Friday: 12pm to 4pm

About me:

My name is Saranjit Kaur Singh, born and raised in Canada.
I am studying Practical Nursing Diploma at the King Campus.
I am studying at Seneca College since 2019, it makes you feel welcomed, and the environment is friendly.
I picked Practical Nursing because I am very passionate about helping others and it makes me feel like I have made a change in someone's life

SSF Journey

Seneca Student Federation is like a family. They have wonderful events and offers that help you succeed in your programs.
I chose to become the coordinator of king campus because I believe I can take an initiative to become the students’ voice.

Goals for this term:

-One of my main motives to become a coordinator is to assist as many students as possible throughout their Seneca journey.
-I want to be a helping hand for the students, to whom they can look up to and can come to talk to without any hesitation.
-Having more students engaged in SSF events is one of the most important goals I want to achieve this year; like planning events that students want.
-As a student I know when our concerns don’t get answered instantly, I want to be present for the students whenever I can, and I will try my best to help each one of you because I am one of you.