Office Hours:

Monday: 8am to 5pm
Tuesday: 8am to 11am


Q: What are some of your goals for your role this term?

 A: For this term, my goal is to empower students. I want to focus more on student engagement and advocacy issues to make the best out of their college life.

I would encourage, motivate and support students when they need us. I want to encourage students to join SSF events that are both fun-loving and career orientated.

Q: What program are you in, and why did you choose this program at Seneca?

A: I am currently enrolled in the Biotechnology program at Seneca. Biotechnology includes both practical and theoretical knowledge. Immunology and tissue culture are my topic of interest in biotechnology. I choose Seneca for my program because it is a well-known college for Biological Science and Applied chemistry and provides Equality and diversity.

Q: What are the top three places you would like to travel to once the pandemic is over?

  1. I would also like to visit my home country India which is famous for its diversity and food. At the top of it, I miss my parents and wish to see them soon.
  2. I want to visit Greece, which is mainly famous for its sandy beaches. Beaches always fascinate me. 
  3. The third-place which I would like to visit is Paris. Eiffel Tower is a beautiful monument which I wish to see one day.

Q: Karina’s Favourites

a. Color: Black
b. Food: Pasta
c. Movie: John Wick
d. Book: The Bridge to Terabithia

e. TV Show: Friends