Office Hours:

Monday: 9am to 5pm
Tuesday: 1pm to 5pm

Q. What are some of your goals for this term?

A. I would do my best to act as an advocate for the students to keep them updated of the events and services being provided by SSF.

I would do my best to reach out to as many as students possible and tried to solve their concerns and will connect them to the right individual to solve their issues. I am always there to listen and assist students to enrich their experience at Seneca.

Q. Which program are you enrolled in? Why did you choose this program at Seneca?

A. I choose Early Childhood Education program because I love children and I feel comfortable working with them. I went for Seneca because of the curriculum and field placement opportunities which will provide me hand on experience to put my learning into practice.

Q. What are the top three places that you would like to travel to once the pandemic is over?

  • I want to visit Punjab, India and meet my parents, relatives. High school teachers and friends. I want to go to south India for a week trip where I never have been before with my friends.
  • I want to explore the whole Toronto especially countryside area and want to try different foods.
  • I want to go to Vienna to give a surprise visit to my cousin sister along with my brother.

Q. Jasleen’s Favorites

a. Color: White
b. Food: Aloo Kulcha with Kadai Paneer

c. Movie: Three idiots
d. Book: Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
e. TV Show: The Kapil Sharma Show