Vice President


Office Hours:

Monday: 8am to 4pm
Tuesday: 12pm to 4pm
Thursday: 11am to 5pm
Friday: 10am to 12pm


Q: What are some of your goals for your role this term?

A: With Covid-19 continuing to put a strain on everyday life, my goal is to reach out to as many Seneca Students as possible, letting them know that SSF supports them during these troubled times. Through better accessibility, communication, and effort, Seneca students will be on track for success.

Q: What program are you in, and why did you choose this program at Seneca?

A: Honours Bachelor of Crime & Intelligence Analysis (CIA)
After completing Police Foundations, I chose to further my education. I enrolled in this program given the current standing of law enforcement. There is extreme need for change and reform. Rather than vocalizing the change needed, I decided to take it upon myself to be the change for our future law enforcement.

Q: What are the top three places you would like to travel to once the pandemic is over?

1. I would love to go back home to Egypt to see my family.  After losing loved ones to Covid-19, a flight out to my family is my first destination, no hesitation at all
2. Hawaii, my older brother moved out of Canada to follow his dreams of photography in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I miss him and would love to visit
3.Japan, I am a huge Pokémon GO fan, a fan of sushi and Japanese culture. I would love to experience life on that side of the world.

Q: Dina’s Favourites

a)Colour: Mauve (Mallow)
b) Food: Ramen
c) Movie: Sucker Punch
d) Book: The Executioner’s Song by Vintage Mailer
e) TV Show: Mind Hunters, Friends, Lucifer and The Handmaids Tale