Meet and network with other students and to build new relationships

The Seneca Student Federation has sole authority to create student Clubs/Associations, exempting athletic groups, and has the right to approve or deny any application or to withdraw previously granted Club/Association sanctioning. The Club/Association Application Package has accordingly been compiled to provide clear guidelines as to the requirements of obtaining Club/Association sanctioning and the requirements of maintaining sanctioning once it has been granted.

Clubs and Associations provide a great opportunity for students with common interests (whether social, academic, religious or cultural) to meet and network with other students and to build new relationships. Clubs and Associations also provide unique opportunities to develop skills in leadership and working with groups. In addition, as a sanctioned Seneca Student Federation Club/Association, you can provide a positive environment for students to participate in activities outside of their academic life.

All full time students are encouraged to participate and join any club they desire. All SSF clubs are accessible to all full time students no matter age, gender, religious or cultural beliefs. Any instances where individuals are restricted from participation with a specific Club or Association, it is to be reported directly to the Coordinator, Clubs and Associations at your local campus.

Individual students and student groups are responsible for conducting their activities in a manner consistent with the Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities of Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and the By-Laws of the Seneca Student Federation Incorporated. The Seneca Student Federation Incorporated shall not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, nationality, handicap, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, age or other non-merit reasons when considering application packages.

Club/Association membership is restricted to full time Seneca College students. Individuals who are not full time students may not be members of a Club/Association. As non-fee paying students, part time students are not permitted to be members of a Club or Association. It is the responsibility of the Club Executive to monitor the academic status of their Club/Association membership to ensure all students continue to be enrolled in full time studies.