Club Application Process

Seneca Student Federation is currently looking into making the club application process easier and faster to complete and submit. Please keep in mind that some of the changes will happen as soon as the summer semester. For more information about forming a club or association, please visit your local SSF office and speak to the Coordinator, Clubs and Associations.


Apply Online
Complete the SSF Inc. Club/Association Application Package in its entirety. 


Included in this package is:
Application Form
Statement of Purpose 
Goals/Objectives (outline the year by semester)
Benefit to student life (how will students gain from your club’s existence)
Promotional paragraph (to be used on the SSF Inc. website/print advertising
Agreement forms (ensure all signatures are present)
Statement of Responsibility (to be signed by the President)


Submit completed  package to your campus Coordinator, Clubs & Associations

King - Room GH1020
Markham - Room 345
Newnham - Room F1525
[email protected] - Room S2014


Once you have received sanctioning, you may begin!

Club Sanctioning 
The Seneca Student Federation Inc. will approve or deny your application based on the following four criteria: 

  • Club history, similar clubs on campus, club mandate, and its benefit to student life
  • Adherence to the Club Package criteria, SSF Inc. By-laws & guidelines as well as the Seneca College policies and relevant SSF Inc. By-laws.  
  • Legal, ethical and appropriateness for a College environment
  • Liability exposure and insurance risk

Benefits of Becoming a Sanctioned Seneca Club/Association 
All recognized Clubs & Associations at Seneca have the following privileges:  

  • Funding, guidance and support from the Seneca Student Federation, including Coordinator, Clubs/Associations
  • Website space and an email account
  • Official recognition on all published lists of Clubs & Associations (ie. on SSF Inc. website, student publications, etc.)
  • Free photocopying for Club & Association purposes (photocopies will be done in your local SSF office).  Photocopies will be done by SSF staff
  • Bulletin board access for promotional materials (see your Coordinator, Clubs and Associations for more information)
  • Club meeting room (all campuses may not have club space)
  • Liability coverage from the SSF Inc. for all approved events
  • Opportunities to network with other Seneca students and staff
  • Invitation to the Club/Association Year-end Appreciation Event
  • Participation in International Day(s) events

Criteria for Maintaining Seneca Club/Association Status

  • Maintain the minimum number of 10 Club/Association members (7 general members & 3 executive members).   Executive members include a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.  All members and executives must be current full time students of Seneca College
  • Ensure all Club/Association members conduct their activities in a manner consistent with the Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities of Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and the By-Laws of the Seneca Student Federation Incorporated.  
  • Throughout the Fall and Winter semesters, each Club/Association is required to hold at least 2 club meetings or 2 events to maintain their club status.  
  • The President along with one other executive to attend a training session to review policies and procedures, liability, financial, and other issues that are important for the successful operation of your club or association 
  • President of the Club/Association MUST attend a Club/Association Presidents’ meeting.
  • Participate in Clubs Day (see your Coordinator, Clubs & Associations for details).
  • Hold, advertise and promote all club meetings and events and submit all documents to Coordinator, Clubs & Associations.
  • A list of proposed activities and intended use of funding
  • Provide a report, including financials, on the Club/Association activities at the end of each semester.


What Not to Do
Hold events that have NOT been approved by the Seneca Student Federation.
File false or incomplete financial statements.
Fail to abide by the SSF By-Laws and Seneca College policies. 
Enter into any contractual relationship associated with your Club/Association  

Off Campus Events 
Clubs/Associations exist to enhance student life on campus.  As such, due to liability and insurance policies, any/all SSF sanctioned clubs may not hold events at an off campus location without the express consent of the Coordinator, Clubs & Associations and the Seneca Student Federation.  Doing so, would result in the immediate de-sanctioning of said Club/Association.   
Club and Association Classification 
Clubs and Associations are made up of groups of full time Seneca College students who have a common interest.  Clubs and Associations are not permitted to assist in classroom assignments and funding will not be granted for any group that receives a grade for their Club or Association actions.   
Clubs are recognized in two ways: 
What’s the Difference Between a Club and an Association? 
If you are wondering whether your group should be considered a club or an association, here’s a brief description to help you choose: 
A group of Seneca students affiliated with a national or international association or a specific Seneca program.  Examples include ACE Seneca, affiliated with Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurs. 
A group of Seneca students who share a common interest.  Most groups will be referred to as a Club.  Examples include Chess Club and Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. 

Download Centre: ( Please download, fill out, and submit the forms to the Clubs Coordinator at your Campus)

Event Proposal & Budget Request Form

Event Post Mortem Form

Reimbursement Request Form

Room Booking and Table Request Form

Request to change Club and Association Executive Information Form