SSF Cares

What Is SSF Cares?poster

SSF Cares is a community outreach initiative aimed to connect members of the Seneca College community with various social initiatives. SSF Cares strives to intertwine college knowledge with community knowledge by providing a social engagement project directed towards contributing to various social causes. SSF Cares aims to cultivate engaged citizens who seek to serve the public good. As we adapt to our new normal, SSF Cares aims to make sure the Seneca community does its part in building a prosperous and vibrant community; through giving our students an outlet where they can create partnerships and opportunities result in a positive impact in the community.

How it Works

SSF Cares is a grant-based program that applies funds to a broad range of community-defined needs.
This program focuses much of its efforts on the following:
- Children
- Families
- Socio-economic development
- Interface between technology & people
- Health and Wellness

We encourage strategic alliances that mutually benefit the public good and the members of the Seneca community involved in this initiative. SSF Cares aims to lend a helping hand during these times of hardship and uncertainty by creating a sense of belonging and stability.

Student Benefits

Aside from providing our students with the chance to be an active agent in community development - SSF Cares can provide the students involved with the following opportunities:
- Network with prospective employers
- Develop and enhance skills in leadership, communication, and strategy
- Provide a safe and accessible space for both internal and external community members
- Become eligible for prestigious awards and recognitions

SSF Cares can create opportunities that stretch beyond immediate community involvement.
The program is a great chance to develop skills, opportunities, and relationships that can serve
students in their future scholastic and professional endeavors.

Program Funding

The funding for SSF Cares is to be allocated from SSF sponsorships and partnerships

Application Process

The application for the SSF Cares grant will be open for a period of four weeks in which
students will be able to submit their proposals outlining the community initiative they wish to
involve themselves with and the details of their involvement.
The internal committee overseeing the SSF Cares application process will consist of the SSF
President, SSF Management, Faculty Representatives and Alumni

Eligibility Criteria

- Must be based in Ontario
- Must be led by a full-time Seneca student(s)
- Must demonstrate a clear community need
- Must follow COVID-19 protocols as indicated by Toronto Public Health


Priority will be given, but not limited to:
- Initiatives that take on a student-centered approach.
- Initiatives that engage families and distinct communities.
- Initiatives that promote health and wellness.
- Initiatives that combat systemic racism and prejudices presented across systems.
- Initiatives that display strong alliances.
- Initiatives that bridge services and advocacy between Seneca and the involved communities.
- Initiatives that endorse or cultivate strong practices for supporting students and communities.

Potential Expenses

- Honoraria, Stipends, Facilitation and/or Speaker fees
- Project materials and equipment that is directly correlated to the project’s administrative costs

How to apply:

Email Brenda Smith at [email protected]