Smit Rana

My name is Smit Rana and I am currently pursuing Interactive Media Design from Seneca-York Campus. I believe dreams are here to be fulfilled and hence I have this urge to make a change among the students of Seneca College. I strive to make amends, be it at home or in college and inspire others to work with dedication and responsibility. I faced a plethora of hurdles, being an international student and I am aware of the ways in which they can be mitigated.

I also aim to create a diverse culture in the campus where communities from across the world get to meet and interact with each other.
I endeavor to resolve student hardships during my role as a Coordinator  of SSF. I have always been passionate and steadfast in all my responsibilities that I have taken up in the past. The role will help me herald leadership qualities that suit my long-term goal of becoming a man of honor.  I have guided my juniors in school in the correct direction with respect to their career paths that have blossomed effortlessly.

Smit Rana