Naitikkumar Rajeshbhai Patel

Hi, My self Naitikkumar Rajeshbhai Patel. I know it's hard to spell So, I prefer Naitik.

My home country is India right now living in Toronto, Canada. I'm studying in the 3rd semester of Biotechnology-Advance Diploma at [email protected] It's an opportunity for me to be a part of Seneca as a student in the School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry. Seneca College is a reputed college among the others in Ontario that's the reason why I chose Seneca for my college studies. Biotechnology is all about Modifying Living organisms and discovering some new drugs to help living beings and that's the reason I chose Biotechnology as my field of interest.

I would love to focus on helping other students who are part of Seneca and want to be part of Seneca by letting them know about the opportunities and services that SSF and Seneca offers. My goal is to provide the best student experience and student advocacy which helps them making their college experience better. As a student, I know that what kind of problems students have to face and how does it feel when you are facing that so I can understand them so I can help them in a better way. I believe that I can do my best to help them with that and make something better for them. Engaging with students is one of the best things about this Position.

I'm looking forward to helping students as much as possible and would like to arrange some events where all can learn something new and came to know about the services which are provided by SSF. also try to make the best out of it during this pandemic.

Thank you so much.