Mansi Shah

My name is Mansi Shah and I am studying fitness and health promotion at Seneca. I am an International student and just like other international students I came to Canada with a lot of dreams. Seneca gave me an opportunity to fulfil my dreams by giving me a chance to complete my diploma-certification from here. I am an internationally graduated Physical Therapist and I have been a part of all the events that took place in my college and was the student representative of my college.

I have experienced working for and with the students and because of this reason I am so much interested in standing for the position of coordinator when the opportunity came up. I originally wanted to stand for these elections way back in march but due to some personal reasons and I have been waiting for the by-elections since then. I am an out spoken person with a tendency to get things done myself or by someone else under my supervision. I have closely interacted with and observed other coordinators at Seneca College work and have served for the Seneca student federation as a volunteer at times. I am an international trained classical dancer, worked as a radio jockey at a renowned frequency and a physiotherapist. I have worked with a lot of people and so I have an experience of working efficiently with a team and even as a leader. I would want my campus and its students to prosper and I would work as much as I can to achieve this goal of mine.

As Seneca is helping me move forward and achieve my dreams this election is also a way to pay back to Seneca by working for the students of Seneca. Management, leadership, multitasking, team spirit and passion to work and complete any given task makes me an appropriate candidate for this position. I am a person with vision and spirit to fulfil that vision. All these qualities will help me to complete a successful term as a coordinator at Seneca. I am very excited to work with other council members and make King campus a better and fun place for everyone. I would add a little sparkle to the team of Coordinators working for SSF and Seneca and I will make sure that not only the council but the students too are happy with my work. 

Candidate Picture
Mansi Shah