Karthik Sachdev

My name is Karthik Sachdev and I'm pursuing Supply Chain & Logistics Management. It's been a year since I joined Seneca and from that point forward I have cherished each part of it despite the fact that everything was virtual.  I'm profoundly obliged and thankful to be a part of the Seneca family which has offered me the chance to meet and find out about people from various nations & their way of life, values, dialects, and so on.  

Seneca has offered me different chances and I ensured that I make the most of it. I began with a Customer Support Representative at Seneca Recreation and I was impressed with the services and facilities provided by Seneca to their students. Alongside this, I am currently working as IT Support Assistant at Seneca and I have gained great knowledge and experience in the same.

I am an International student and I want to make sure that each and every individual coming to Seneca needs to be aware about the SSF and the services offered by them. The SSF provides a lot of opportunities for students to build character and excel their carrier.I truly like and value how Seneca and SSF assumes liability of its people and deals with them like a family.
Because of the pandemic, it has been hard to mingle, socialize and partake in the occasions coordinated by SSF, yet with my inventive skill I will attempt to make these virtual / in person occasions as fascinating as conceivable to maximize participation.

I'm confident, hard-working and a dedicated individual committed to my assigned responsibilities, I have an extroverted personality and adapt comfortably in social situations.

I want to ensure that every student's voice is heard and their ideas are constantly invited.

I can assure that you can rely on me and contact me as your companion and not a pioneer in the event that you want any assistance.

Karthik Sachdev

Karthik Sachdev