Francis Gonzalez Mantuano

Hello! My name is Francis and I’m currently in my second year of the Police Foundations program. I’m an international student from Argentina and I moved here to Canada two years ago. I’m a very social and proactive person who takes his studies very seriously but at the same time I also prioritize having fun and making friends.

Last year when I became a student at Seneca, I started working with the SSF at the convenience store located right next to the basketball court at King Campus. Also, I was part of the staff that worked at the events, which were held at the Northern Hive. I did all kinds of things, from being the store clerk to serving food and organizing the event space. This was really helpful and fun because I interacted with all of students and I got plenty of feedback of how things were going, what they would like to see, things to improve, etc. I could say that I was really interacting with everyone so it gave me a really good understanding of student’s needs and preferences. I was right there with the students, not sitting at a desk supposing or wondering if an event would be good, or that we should do a certain thing because I say so. I am a very flexible individual and I really believe that adaptation is they key to provide the best representation possible for students.

I’m always going to be looking for student’s feedback, comments and new ideas but not only for events, but also for courses, giveaways, career opportunities, more program-specific activities and workshops. I see Seneca as a community, so I’m a going to help to build it even more, connecting students between each other and with employers and professionals that relate to all the programs. Regarding the expenses and how we manage the student’s money, I’m going to be very responsible and I’m always going to be the most efficient in how we spend it so that we can really maximize the benefits and services that the SSF provides to students. For whoever is reading this, you can put your trust in me that I’m always going to prioritize students so that they can really enjoy their experience at college and that I’m always going to be there for you.

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Francis Gonzalez Mantuano