Dina Yehya

Hi there!

My name is Dina Yehya, I am currently a full-time Police Foundations student at Seneca King Campus. At the King Campus, you may have seen me work the front desk at SSF or do runs for the foodbank. Giving out meals in the Northern Hive for our live cultural events was always my favourite, who doesn’t love free food!?

I miss seeing you all!

Unfortunately Covid-19 had other plans for us. As much as we miss being on campus, I’m sure we are all trying our best to succeed, regardless of the obstacles we’re facing.
As a student, I’m fully aware of how difficult this may be.
As Coordinator, I will dedicate all my efforts to listening and delivering to my fellow classmates here at Seneca. Education is a vital resource we are lucky to obtain. The Seneca experience should be one to remember, where friendships are made and milestones are achieved, I will do my very best to make this process fun and worth it.

The Coordinator position is something that I’ve been striving for since the beginning of my program. I’ve had the great privilege of meeting many of you at some point during my staff position with the Seneca Student Federation. Allow me to be the person you go to with concerns, ideas, or suggestions. I promise to do my very best to make them happen.
Seneca King is a lively campus that always did their best to cater to the students, I will deliver the same effort virtually. Integrated workshops, game nights, live chats, discussion forums to raise your concerns, you name it !

As the student body, we can achieve anything we put our minds to. We are an amazing group of diverse people from different walks of life, all striving for the same goal. We all have a voice, and we should be heard, I will be here to listen.

Vote for me for this upcoming by-election for the Coordinator position at King Campus. I vow to you, the students, that I will help make this at home-schooling experience one to remember.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me today.

Stay focused, and stay safe everyone.

Thank you!

“it always seems impossible until it is done” -Nelson Mandela


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Dina Yehya