Dhawal Khadak Shahi

Hello Guys,

My name is Dhawal Shahi, Candidate for the Board of Directors at Seneca college.
I am an international student and Video Creator.  Since I have been a part of the international student community, I have shared my knowledge based upon my experience with other students Via Youtube. I got 3.5k subscribers and counting.

This activity has motivated me to take part and become a Board of directors of Seneca college students.

I am pursuing Fitness and Health Promotion. This course has taught me the leadership skills which I would like to implement here. Further, the goal is ' A fit Seneca Community"

I like transparency in the system. This is my hope for you if I get elected by you. This builds ups trust and goodwill which further safeguards the community. This further promotes increased engagement.

Further, I believe in creativity. People are born with talent, only they need to recognize them.  I would love to bring creativity and activities among the students within my limits.

Thank You

Board of Directors