Aryan Arora

My name is Aryan Arora. Studying CPP program at Seneca college SIA campus.

I've great learning experience while attending SENECA‚Äôs first semester, and I have a chance to consider how our college can be improved. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate how to handle the interrelated problems of rising academic stress, and dissatisfaction. I will work on the skills necessary to effectively promote  work on behalf of students' academic interests through my service within college government, Board of Directors is a position in SSF from where we can help a lots of students to get relief from problems they are stuck in.

In addition, my upbringing has shaped my practical, results-driven approach to student government.
I want to be a board representative because I want to work for my student community. I believe my goals align with SSF which are to defend and protect the rights and interest of the students. Moreover, it will also be a great opportunity for my personal growth, working for community and representing SSF. As being an international student, I have experienced the things from all the perspectives which will help me to better understand the concerning issues. If given a chance, I will try my best.

I'm requesting for your support and love so that I can start discussing for a more accessible and accountable learning experience to students all over the campus. Being your choice would be an honour for me.

Aryan Arora
Board of Directors