Amanpreet Singh Matharoo

Greetings everyone,
My name is Amanpreet Singh Matharoo, an Enthusiastic and Proud student of Seneca college in the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design program. I have been part of Seneca community since December 2019 and thus began my blissful journey in Canada as an International student.

I am originally from India and even though being Ocean's apart from home the Seneca and SSF family has never once made me feel like I was away from mine and has always helped and welcomed me with open arms, and now it's my turn to give back and guide others in need.

I have always been an easy to reach kind of guy and although I will be new here, I have tried to contribute the SSF community by promoting events all around the York campus which further introduced to a lot of new and amazing people and now I think it's time to make it official so that it'll be easier for students to reach me anytime without any doubts, because being a student here and talking to others has helped me understand the problems that students do face both; new or returning and I think I do understand their issues and will be able to provide them the helping hand they need. Hence, I’m running for the position of Board Of Director, at [email protected] .

I look forward to advocate for the following:
•    Continuous and more efficient communication between the SSF and students.
•    Academic based bursary and scholarships.
•    Services and programs that highlight Mental health and its importance.
•    Arranging new workshops for different types of Arts and Designing.
•    Initiatives that ensure that you have a fun, enjoyable and positive academic experience at the College(In the form of Online/Offline events etc.)

Feel free to reach out to me whenever you want to talk about ideas regarding some new initiatives that could be arranged or for issues and queries or even if you want an ear to vent to, I'll be there.

Email: [email protected]
SC: amanpreetsm23
IG: _singh.arts_

I hereby encourage you to vote for your representation, for an accountable and faithful service to students and for an even better SSF and Seneca experience!

Thank you.

Board of Directors